Cliff Gephart a.k.a. UNO is a dedicated Father and Husband who spends his non-family time as an American Radio Host, Entrepreneur and an Outspoken Opinionist.  Born into a poor white trash Democrat family, Uno didn’t realize how ignorant and flawed his parents thinking was until he put himself thru college, got married, started his first business and opened his eyes.   Uno is the antithesis of the Democrat Party philosophy, having proudly accomplished so much without the help or intervention of the government.   Unwilling to allow America to diminish further into a liberal godless society, UNO fights daily via radio, social media and in person to spread a message of conservatism, morals and American traditional values.   Uno knows that if more American citizens stood up and spoke out in support of our President, a conservative America and against the liberal scourge, we would no longer be the silent majority.  Instead, we would be just the MAJORITY and that is why Uno does what he does.  Uno’s opinions are unfiltered, unrelenting and unapologetic when it comes to standing up for America and what is right.  Just ask Facebook… they block him constantly for his inappropriate behavior…

What is UNO about?  The simplest answer is TRUTH & HONESTY…  So many people are afraid to say what they believe or fearful they may offend someone or some group, UNO says to hell with that.  If we all live our lives so afraid of offending someone or being disliked, what type of life is that?  Uno says what he believes and believes what he says and if the world doesn’t like it, too bad.  Let UNO know your opinion because He’s damn sure gonna give you his!