Watergate may no longer be the term used to describe treason, political crime and national scandal. The do nothing, divide America, Globalist anti-American former President Obama may have just freed Nixon from his eternal imprisonment as the most crooked President in American history.  Remember the scene from Star Wars where the Luke, Han, Leia & Chewy are in the trash compactor being smashed and in peril? Washington is that garbage dump and Obama is right there, but this time there may be NO SAVING Obama because he is on THE DARKSIDE

If SPYGATE is remotely real, then Obama’s crimes will make Nixon look like a student with an overdue library book.  Obama, Hilary and the rest of the Globalist Democratic Syndicate never believed that TRUMP could win.  Trump winning the election has flipped this country on its top and the Democrats are doing anything possible to destroy, deny and distract the American people from the TRUE CRIMES.   Russia is not what Americans should be concerned about or Iran, North Korea or China.  The constitution talks about attacks both foreign and DOMESTIC… I am honestly more terrified about the domestic attackers than any outside entity.

Here is a video I created a year + ago and it is surprising how right my thoughts were.



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