Transgender Military Truth

Transgender individuals in the United States Military is a completely insane concept.  Why in gods name would we entertain the situation of dealing with the issues that go along with the Transgender needs.  The accommodations, procedures, medical needs, medications, expenditures and uncomfortableness felt by soldiers not accepting of this lifestyle.   We often hear about the feelings of those who chose this lifestyle, but what about those who don’t agree or concur with this type of lifestyle.  We often hear the term “homophobic” used against anyone who disagrees with anything involving the LGBT community.

The term “Transgender” is not accurate in my understanding of the English language.  “Trans” indicates the transfer or change of something but this is not accurate.  No matter what surgeries one has or medications one takes to mask their make-up they are still the person they were born as.  The term “Pseudo” is more accurate to describe those who chose to mask their chromosomes and cover up their DNA.  The definition of Pseudo is: not actually but having the appearance of; pretended; false or spurious; sham.  After careful research and common sense I am going to now use the term Pseudogender.   Here is a video of my opinion and belief about Pseudogender.


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