Mail D.C. a Brick

Since the beginning of the Trump political life he has professed a wall, guaranteed a wall and was elected because of that wall. The problem is that all of congress is inept at doing what America wants and we need for them to hear us loud and clear.  I am without a doubt sure that if Trump could do anything he wanted without approval from anyone or anything he would have begun construction on that wall on January 21st 2017.    Ann Coulter had an amazing and brilliant idea… Mail D.C. a Brick.

I recently mailed Paul Ryan a 9lb Brick to his congressional office and everyone who voted for Trump that wanted the southern border wall built should do so also.  While the lunatic hired left masked snowflakes throw bricks thru Starbucks windows the conservative right has a much better idea of what to do with their bricks… Mail them to Paul.  Imagine if daily 1,000 citizens mailed 9lb bricks to Paul Ryan’s office.  If each day Americans mailed Congressman Paul Ryan a brick the postal service would have to bring in a convoy of mail trucks to haul 9,000lbs of bricks to Paul Ryan’s office.  For a moment imagine if 10,000 people mailed a brick, how would the postal service deal with that type of situation?  By law, each and every piece of mail must be delivered to it’s final destination without interference or deferment.    I mailed my brick you should mail yours.  Here is Congressman Paul Ryan’s address.   Go to to post a picture of your brick or a video.

Congressman Paul Ryan Longworth House Bldg 1233 Longworth HOB Washington DC 20515

Here is my video of Uno’s BRICK being mailed… Watch this for inspiration.



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