Transgender Truth Simplified

transwomanTransgender has become the new “hot” topic in America.  A friend of mine once said, “I’m gonna stay straight until it comes back in style”.   Transgender is such a convoluted issue involving so much emotion,  mystery, biased and bullshit.   I have nothing against anyone who wants to change their physical being on the surface but we need to admit that this change is merely surface deep.   If you chop body parts off or bolt some on it doesn’t make you that.   If you go to Disney World and see a character in a Goofy costume we need to realize and accept that Goofy is not real it is a man or woman in that costume.   A Trans-Woman is not A WOMAN, a Trans-Man is not a MAN.  There is no surgery, medication, pills, saw, chemical or magic genital dust that can change the chromosomes of an individual and it is those X & Y’s that let us know what gender you are.  There are a couple gender determination exceptions to the chromosome rule like Turners syndrome.

I could careless if a man wants to take pills, have surgeries wear a dress and put on so much makeup that the Joker is jealous.  The one thing I refuse to do is join in with the fantasy fairy-tale that Trans-Women are actual women.


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