No Sanctuary for Americans

Recently the term “sanctuary” has been used heavily in the media to describe some cities in America. Many Americans are often confused with the term sanctuary. On the surface “sanctuary” seems like a docile, peaceful and lovely place a term often used to describe a place reserved for exotic or endangered animals. Sanctuary is supposed to describe a place of safety but in America it is anything but.

The only certain safety that is provided by so called sanctuary cities is for those who have decided to break the laws of the United States and wish to continue to break the laws.  A case involving Kathryn Steinle and Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez has garnered little media attention from the vast left wing determined to stiffen the issue of how illegal immigration can be harmful to Americans.  Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien deported 5 times fired a stolen gun and killed Kathryn Steinle.     Items of common sense should not require vast amounts of case study or an enormous percentage to be determined reasonable & rational.     If any country purposely killed 1 American, that would be considered an act of war which most Americans would willing agree with.   If the death of 1 American is unacceptable, then why would we allow for the risk of any American from a non-citizen?  The answer is purely political…

67% off all Hispanics are Democrats, so why not just import more voters instead of having policies that work for America or that Americans want.   1 crime by those who shouldn’t be here is too much so why would we allow illegal immigration by the millions.  I know some will say that the vast majority aren’t criminals and are only looking for a better place to raise their families, 1 criminal is too much.  Watch the video below for a summarization of the Immigration problem.


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