Tax Payers -vs- Tax Takers

America is divided more than ever because entitlements are at the highest point in history and those paying in (middle class) have been squeezed to the breaking point.   The total tax rate that middle class American’s pay for all taxes is greater than 40%.   Many taxes the government charges are shrouded as fees, charges, expenses, tolls, surcharges, impact fees and such.   The middle class American is being squeezed by the government because the money to pay for the swelling entitlements must come from somewhere.   America has become a nation of freeloaders and entitled humans not willing to put in a hard days work and expect things to be handed to them.   Welfare entitlements have become fairly easy to obtain so much that lawyers are now running ads to net perspective paydays.

Welfare recipients receive many forms of payment including housing, healthcare, food, childcare, cell phones, discretionary funds, education and more.  The benefits of being on welfare add up to thousands annually.  The gross amount of benefits received by some welfare recipients is incredibly enticing and lucrative to a low skilled worker whom may earn less at a full time job.   Why would anyone work if they can easily get to live for free?

The bar to receive welfare is much too low, there needs to be a much greater vetting system.  The following actions must be enacted to cut down on fraud and misuse.

  1. much greater vetting and scrutiny of recipients abilities and needs
  2. limited time on programs
  3. much narrower definition of “disabled”
  4. reduce food choices to necessities and limited sources of food pantries
  5. NO CELL PHONES… an old cellphone to dial 911 is all that anyone needs
  6. limit of funds regardless of the amount of children in the household
  7. MUST volunteer 20 hours minimum per week

The government is not able to provide anything to someone that it hasn’t taken from someone else.  The entitlements have become a death sentence to our economy and our country.  The only thing that will entice those on welfare to get off is that it sucks and they can do better.   We should also not discourage those receiving welfare from earning monies with a total cutoff, there should be an ability to transition off welfare and into the workforce.


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