Importance of the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is one of the cornerstones of our democracy but it is also one of the most misunderstood and controversial Amendments.  The topic swirls around GUNS, BULLETS, CLIPS, ASSAULT RIFLES, NECESSITY, REASONABLENESS, FREEDOMS, RIGHTS and a host of other things.  The crux of the argument on the liberal side is “Guns Kill People” and the conservative side knows that simply isn’t true.   Guns DO NOT kill people… People kill people, Disease kills people, acts of god kill people, accidents kill people, old age kills people and yes sometimes a person with a gun kills people.

Increasing gun laws will only reduce or deter legal law abiding citizens from owning, possessing and carrying guns.   Criminals and non-law abiding people will simply add the new gun laws to their list of criminal infractions if new laws were passed.   Locks on your doors only keep the honest people out at night and increased gun laws will only deter more Americans from protecting themselves, their families and their communities from harm.

The 2nd Amendment was put in place not to only defend yourself and family against a would be attacker or thief but also a tyrannical government oppressing its citizens.

The United States is the longest running consecutive government in the world and it is all based on the Constitution.  The framers of the constitution and statesman that followed had such vision and foresight to craft a document and a government that has withstood so long and that every American should be amazed and grateful for.

Many people say guns kill people and should be banned… Those people are FOOLS because knives kill people, hatchets kill people, boards kill people, fist kill people, trucks kill people, cars kill people and so many other things.   No one would even consider banning trucks, or boards so why then Guns???? because it sounds like a good thing to say to liberals.   It is easy to point blame to a device that was crafted with the intent to kill the object it hits.   Lets focus on the other side of the barrel, lets focus on the criminal, the aggressor and the person who deserves to die at the other end of the barrel.    Rarely do we talk about the bad guy who deserves to die and yes if someone is in the act of committing a crime they should realize that lethal force may be used against them.

Increased gun laws do not work… areas with the strictest gun laws experience some of the most gun violence.  Chicago is a great example of this.




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