The Swedish Situation

swedish-girlWhen you think of Sweden, you most likely envision a beautiful Nordic country in northwestern Europe filled with mountains, friendly people that are blonde and blue eyed with a carefree attitude and a general warmth. We no longer think about Vikings and savages that once ruled the Scandinavian area of the world which includes countries like Norway and Denmark. But recently Sweden and their good natured citizens have allowed a new group of savages to openly invade their peaceful and wonderful country.  Just like the Vikings that raided countries during the Vikings days (8th – 11th centuries),  those mostly of Muslim faith and from northern Africa or the middle east are doing this to western Europe.  This is an invasion and needs to be recognized as such.

During early times of immigration into the United States there was a desire to assimilate, learn the language, become “American” and work your ass off because there was no welfare or large amounts of government assistance.  During the early 1900’s Elis Island welcomed millions of people who wished to come to America for a better life, a chance to live a life worth living and call themselves American.  Neighborhoods like Little Italy and Chinatown have shrunk over the years as the natural assimilation has occurred by those who have come here and wanted to be as woven into the American fiber as much as possible.    Something different is happening in western Europe and even here in America with this new brand of immigrants.

Recently Sweden has allowed between 160,000 – 200,000 immigrants into its country from predominantly Muslim countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East.   The difference between the immigration to Elis Island and the immigration that is happening across Europe is that this new brand of immigrants aren’t looking for a better opportunity, they are not looking to assimilate into a country, they aren’t looking for democracy and freedom… These immigrants are looking to drastically change their new found lands into something that more resembles where they are from.  This new brand of immigrants aren’t looking to adapt to the host country, they are looking for all of those in the host country to change to their belief systems and religion.

Entire communities are emerging in these host countries with different values, altered laws, different social norms, reduced work ethic, radical views towards equality, sickening opinions of women, gays and handicapped.  Some of these communities have become known as No-Go Zones.  Entire neighborhoods have become inaccessible to police and fire departments because of the civil unrest and chaos.   As much as the Swedish government dose not want to admit chaos is irrupting within its loose borders it is.  Currently women are changing their appearance, being told to not go outside alone after dark.  News crews are being attacked inside areas and police have all but given up in some instances.  Now someone needs to say it so I will….. The problem is not because these people are from Africa, it is not because they come from Syria… The problem is they are Muslim and have a very different view of the world and things than the Judea Christian westerners who have shown acceptance and tolerance to many different classes of people.  The Muslim immigrants are doing the right thing per their god… Expand the caliphate (grow the religion geographically).

For centuries, since the 600’s the belief system between the Muslims and Christians has been at odds causing wars and upheaval.  We must recognize that if a Christian isn’t able to convert a non-believer to Christianity they feel bothered and sad for their failure.  If a Muslim is unable to convert a non-believer to Islam than that person is an infidel and deserves death…. Islam is not conducive to the western way of life.  We in the west believe in freedom of religion, women’s rights, sexual rights and so on.  Muslim’s DO NOT share the same beliefs, even the moderate ones.

Western Europe has become the canary in the coal mine for America and the canary is dead… We have been warned and if we ignore the warning America so to might forever be troubled.


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