Islam…The Silent War on America

islam_netherlands_swedenNothing brings out more passion and intensity in a human being than their religious beliefs and the conviction they have in that religion. Wars, murders, crimes, atrocities that are unspeakable, betrayal and pure hatred are just some of the emotions and effects caused by one’s religious beliefs.  Many religions also offer many positive things in ones life and in society. Religion causes some people to live more moral lives, is the foundation for most marriages, brings joy and community to so many.  Why is it that something so wonderful is also so devastating…

In America and the western world, there has become a war of ideology in recent years and the passion surrounding it is intense.   The Islamic religion is facing extreme scrutiny from many in America and beyond.  Those who oppose the Muslim religion are called racist, xenophobes and islamaphobes.  Just because someone is afraid of something doesn’t mean that it is a “phobia”.  A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear or dislike to a specific thing or group.  The question that is important is this.  Is being afraid of the Muslim / Islamic way of life irrational or abnormal?   I SAY NO…..


The Muslim way of life and the teachings of Islam are a stark contrast to the Western way of life.  In the Muslim world women are 2nd class citizens, gays are killed, girls can’t drive or go to school unless authorized by their male household elders, women can’t dress the way they want and so on.  Apparently Muslim men are so unable to control their libido that the mere sight of a woman’s skin or hair will trigger rape and infidelity.  The Muslim way of life will forever collide with the West and the fear of their beliefs are not a phobia they are legit.

The core problem with the relationship between Islam and the rest of the world is one of tolerance.  The Muslim religion is intolerant with anyone or anything not Muslim.   Islam is no different than Nazi beliefs other than it is shrouded in “religion”.   Not all Germans were Nazi’s, but the blind eye turned by those who allowed millions of Jews to be exterminated were certainly culpable in the holocaust.   The moderate Muslims who stand by and allow the so called radical Muslims are just as guilty as those who perform heinous acts.   The scripture of the Qur’an mandates the caliphate, to terrorize and spread Islam across the globe.  If Islam were a peaceful, loving and tolerant religion there would not be the resistance to it.    Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is an archaic religion of discriminatory teachings which has no place in modern society.

Being afraid of what the Muslim religion brings and it’s beliefs does not make someone to have a phobia or be racist.   Fearing what Islam brings to non-believers is valid and rational.  Let us know what you think is the most violent religion on the planet.


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