Finally in Washington…

I have followed politics for the past 2 decades. Whether your a Democrat, Republican, Independent or A-Political; most people have wanted someone to be able to go to Washington and stand up to the corruption, cronyism and cesspool that is our capital.  In order for this to happen, that person would have to not need anyone, not care what Washington thought, be from the outside and have balls of steel and more intestinal fortitude than most.   This person would also not fear retribution, financial loss or slander.   A person in the twilight of their life is also the best person to care more about doing what is right NOW than making moves based on their future.

The corruption in Washington comes from many different groups, like lobbyist, special interest, corporations, corrupt politicians, insiders, old guard, former politicians, campaign officials, foreign governments, and yes BIAS MEDIA…  Of all the groups mentioned the media might be both the most powerful and the most corrupt because of their ability to influence the public.  Long gone are the days of ethical journalist and standards that were cornerstones of an honored profession.  The problem with the journalistic paradigm is the need for advertisers which leads to viewer eyeballs which leads to content.  The internet has changed the way the world gets its news and processes information.  An illiterate foreigner with a laptop and internet connection can make his opinion known to the world and disseminate information that has not been vetted, verified, corroborated, confirmed or have even a shred of truth.  This situation causes once legitimate news sources to now chase and compete with rogue hacks dumping any and every news story on the world whether true or not.

During the dawn of CNN, Ted Turner built a great company but that has all changed.  CNN is now a biased machine trying to stay relevant by appealing to a particular audience.  In the past journalist only cared about the facts of the story, now CNN cares about how many people will view the story online and on air so that they can remain profitable and simply remain.  The conservative side also has their agents of information from FOX News, Breitbart and popular bloggers like Mark Dice.    At the end of the news cycle the only thing that matters is MONEY…. This is where the WHITE KNIGHT IN WASHINGTON COMES IN…

As many people hate TRUMP for the things he says, it proves he is his own man, not ruled or controlled by anyone and this gives the standard American a chance to be heard. This week Trump had his first new conference in months and it proved that TRUMP will not suck at the media tit and will not be influenced by the control CNN has over a small audience (CNN ratings suck).  Watch the exchange between Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta.   Whether TRUMP is right or wrong regarding his opinion of CNN that is irrelevant, what is relevant is his I’m the F#(%ing President and I am not going to take Shit from anyone….  The White Knight we were all hoping for happens to have a bad comb-over,  orange skin and normal sized hands but he is going to surprise all the Democrats and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…

Watch this clip and you will realize that whether you like him or hate him he is not owned by anyone…


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