Obama farewell Speech on his Legacy….

The Obama legacy is a disaster.   Obama is working harder in the last 2 months of his lame duck presidency to appease the American public harder than he did during his entire 8 years as President.  Obama has failed at so many things during his administration.  Here is a detailed list of some of the highlighted failures.

1) War on Terror-  Obama has been the weakest president ever when it comes to protecting the citizens of the United States.  More soldiers have died overseas with Obama than while George W. Bush was is office and Obama supposedly was getting us out of the war.  Obama is such a Muslim sympathizer that he can’t even muddle the words “Radical Islam”.   Obama is bringing out enemies into our country.

2) Economy- Obama did nothing to pull us out of the Great Recession.  We have more folks on food stamps, Less home ownership, and more people unemployed that have just given up and have been removed from the employment rolls.  There is less home ownership in America since the 1970’s.

3) Unity-  America has become a more divided country since Obama took office.

4) Healthcare- the famed Obamacare is a disaster and is the nail in the coffin of a positive Obama legacy.  Skyrocketing cost, providers leaving in droves, huge deductubles and increased premiums is an accurate description of Obamacare and the reasons that it must be repealed and replaced.



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