Un-Happy Hanukah … Obama -vs- Israel

israel-nut-kickAs a Hanukah gift this year to the Jewish state of Israel, Obama decided to kick Benjamin Netanyahu right in the ball sack, while Secretary of State John Kerry shoved a dreidel so far up the Jewish Prime Ministers ass that it came out of his mouth. Never has America shown less support or loyalty to Israel since 1948. Israel is the United States most valuable ally in a region of nothing but hatred towards the western way of life and everything American.

As Obama sings his swan song and prepares to leave the White House lawn on January 20th via Marine 1, he has decided that he isn’t going to go quietly, no he is going to scorch the earth and try to leave President Elect Trump with the largest bag of shit possible to clean up.  Lets summarize the Middle east in as few words as possible…… SHIT-HOLE, I think that is one word.  The majority of the Middle east is an unforgiving, immoral, non-tolerant, uneducated, terroristic, archaic, wasteland that has never produced anything other than hatred.  Even the Western world had to go over there and get the oil out of the ground for those illiterate degenerates .  Amongst all that is wrong in the middle east there sits Israel, where men and women are treated equal, there is higher education, civilized society and a great way of life. The Jewish take great pride in Israel and it shows in the vast difference of what life is like inside Israel compared to outside.   The only thing wrong with Israel is that it is surrounded by the rest of the middle east.

For Obama, John Kerry and the rest of the anti-Semitic batch of assholes that make up the outgoing administration… YOU SUCK… Why would the Obama administration not support the Israelis?  There is a very simple answer to this question that has been floated for years and we now have definitive proof based on the most recent UN abstention . BECAUSE OBAMA IS SYMPATHETIC TO THE MUSLIMS.   There have always been rumors that Obama is a Muslim, and events and actions like this just give people greater cause to believe it.

elephantThe thing I find most interesting is that over past elections the jewish voters have leaned Democrat.  Maybe the Jewish constituent should remember what the Democrats did to them and support the Republican party going forward.  This year it seems that the Jewish voters abandon TRUMP based on campaign contributions.  Immediately upon the bullshit that Obama and Kerry pulled, President Elect Trump came out in support of Israel and stood with the jewish people.


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