EQUAL PAY in HOLLYWOOD…Emmy Rossum -vs- William H. Macy

Emmy Rossum has demanded to be paid equally to her co-star William H. Macy.  I do support her effort to earn as much as she can and I do support her hardball tactics to get the producers to give her as much as she can get.    But that is where it ends for me.  Emmy Rossum, has gone a step farther and used gentiles as a negotiation position.  Someone in Emmy’s camp has decided that this has something to do with William H. Macy having a penis and Emmy having a vagina.    Watch my video and you will know where I stand and then share your opinion…

Emmy Rossum has not only demanded equal pay, she wants to go back in time and have the producers pay her the difference between what she and William H. Macy earned.  Does this bitch not even consider the fact that Macy has been acting before she was born, has won multiple Emmy’s, been nominated for Golden Globes and even an Academy Award.  Could it be possible the only reason the show got off the ground was because Macy was attached to it?  Emmy Rossum, I appreciate your hardball efforts to get as much money as possible, but you should have never brought William H. Macy’s name into this negotiation because you are no William H. Macy.    Emmy, you might even consider giving some of your pay to William as a thank you for being part of “his show”.  Even after I have learned about this story I still ask… Emmy Rossum, Who?  I know who William H. Macy is and would have watched this show to simply see what it was about with his name attached, if it was just Emmy Somebody I would have never given it a chance.   The name of the show should be changed from Shameless, to Shameful based on how Emmy Rossum has acted like a spoiled brat.  


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